Terms and Conditions

1. Preferred unit can be chosen and booked by paying the amount specified on the website.

2. Customer are entitled to special benefits as may be mentioned on the banner/other communication. These benefits will be provided after completion of the agreement formalities.

3. Customers to refer to final cost sheet for the actual price of the unit.

4. All booking formalities have to be completed on or before 20.07.2020 including payment of 9.9% of the total sale consideration as advance amount and / or balance amounts, if any payable.

5. Non-completion of booking formalities may result in cancellation and any amounts paid will be refunded within 15 working days subject to deduction of applicable taxes.

6. Special benefits offered for Customers who book during the campaign period is a one-time limited offer and does not constitute or is to be construed as a continuing discount /offer on sale consideration for any unit.

7. Any requests for swap will be subject to availability.

8. Any cancellation prior by the Customer prior to execution of Agreement to Sell should be communicated via an email to the Company. Oral requested cannot be considered for cancellation. The cancellation and refund process will be as per the terms mentioned in the booking form.

9. Customer to execute and /or register Agreement to Sell within 45 days from the date of booking, failing which Company will be discharged from its obligation to honour and guarantee the additional benefits agreed to be provided and has the right to cancel the booking. The cancellation process will be as per the terms mentioned in the booking form.

10. Notwithstanding anything contained herein or verbally communicated, the sale transaction shall be governed by the terms and conditions agreed in the Agreement to Sell to be executed between Company and the Customer.

11. Company reserves it rights to withdraw any scheme or special benefits provided at its own discretion.

12. Any disputes arising here from or in connection with or relating to the booking shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Bangalore.

Common Terms & Conditions

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